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We aren’t hiring for a specific position now, but if you think you could be an asset to our team, send an email our way!
Social Media Marketing Intern
FILLED 9/2018

ResolveCo is seeking a motivated, resourceful and tech-savvy student to serve as a social media marketing intern. The intern will work with the our marketing team to strategize and execute content for all social media assets, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more. The intern will also help implement strategies to capture ROI for social media clients. Applicants should have strong experience with social media, content writing ability, organizational skills, and data analysis. Also must have experience with Google Analytics, UTM Parameter Links, Facebook Pixel, and other data collection and analysis tools. Position will be between 5-10 hours/week. This is a paid internship.

Duties include:
Collaborate with the social media team to plan content
Publish and schedule posts for client social media outlets
Employ innovative tactics to increase brand awareness for our clients
Assist in performing social media optimization activities
Collect and analyze marketing data to develop and adjust correlating marketing plans

Applicants should submit: an email explaining your interest in social media in general and in this position specifically; a resume outlining your experience; and a list (with links as able) of your personal social media channels, as well as any that you currently manage, to by August 24, 2018.